Our Promise

I-taros software for associations, chambers and clubs is based on the latest software technology

No-Code software offers you the greatest possible degree of flexibility. You can use our ready-made software for associations, clubs and chambers or we can compile the software according to your individual requirements. This happens without us writing a line of code (No-Code). And if you find out later that you want something changed or new needs arise after 2 years, it's no problem. We implement changes thanks to the No-Code technology quickly and cost-effectively.

The following advantages distinguish our no-code software for associations, chambers and clubs:

Create new applications or extend existing ones without writing a line of code.

Connection to existing solutions by means of ready-configured interfaces.

User-friendly due to flexible adaptability of the user interface.

Cloud-based - we take care of software updates, server security and backups of your data on German servers.

Future-proof through continuous further development of the platform as well as integration of existing systems.

Personal support by experienced support staff.

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