Event Management


Event Planning

  • Plan and create events simply and publish it on your website just with a click of a button.
  • Create the documents for your events  based on your templates and conveniently send them to your recipient groups.

Management of Participants

  • Manage registrations and cancellations of participants for your events.
  • Create attendance confirmations and certificates appropriate for the type of event.
  • With the integrated billing function, the invoices for the participation are automatically generated and sent to the participants.

Seminar Management

  • Create seminars with their booking criteria via the i-taros backend. Manage attendance and participants, send attendance confirmations, create attendance certificates and control cancellation and waiting list processes.
  • Manage ticket prices for bookings and automatically send invoices to attendees based on your templates.

Certification Management

  • Manage different types of certificates and their recognition procedures. Automatically issue certificates to your members when they meet the criteria.
  • Manage your members' participation in external certifications and individualize your own certification process through our No-code approach.
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Do you have specific requirements?

No problem, our no-code approach allows customizing the solution exactly to your requirements. Reach out to us!

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