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The Völklinger Kreis ( is the network of homosexual executives and self-employed persons. As a professional association, it promotes the professional success of its approximately 800 members, particularly through networking and the exchange of experience, and is committed to holistic diversity management. The BUIT-Group was commissioned by the IT board to create a new website and backend system for association administration. The previously used legacy systems consisted of outdated TYPO3-based web applications and other systems for association administration, some of which had no interfaces to each other
The BUIT-Group then offers an integrated solution based on your No-code technology, für die Website inkl. Mitgliederportal, Webshop sowie Anbindung an ein Bezahlsystem, einer Datev Schnittstelle. Vornehmlich das Verbandsmanagement verlangte ein hohes Maß an Software-Anpassungen mit zum Teil sehr komplexen automatisierten Prozessen zur Mitgliederverwaltung und Interessenvertretung. Die Umsetzung erfolgte in agiler Vorgehensweise (Scrum). Als besonders vorteilhaft erwies sich das rasche Prototyping mithilfe der No-Code Technologie der BUIT-Group within a few weeks as well as the high consulting competence of the BUIT Employees during the solution design as well as the transfer of the solution into use.

Customer Reference VK:

"Our professional association has existed as a network since 1991 and had a hodge-podge of outdated systems for association work as well as the web presence including the backend. We liked the agile way B&IT brought our association management up to date with their No-Code technology. We can recommend the work of the B&IT team at any time."

Logo des VDOE Creating and providing a complete solution for VDOE association management

The BerufsVerband Oecotrophologie e. V. has been working for over 45 years as a professional representative for all those who have completed ecotrophology, nutrition, household or food sciences or a similar degree or are studying one of these subjects. The primary goal is to open up areas of work for the professional group and to secure and promote their use in line with their qualifications.

In the past, the association used various systems that can be roughly categorized as website, member portal and applications for the office. In order to create a modern overall solution for the association, the VDOE asked the BUIT-Group.

The solution includes a website with member portal, web store, connection to payment systems and to Datev, as well as a backend solution for association administration. The association has very specific requirements; complex processes could be digitized and automated across the different areas. An automated data migration of 44,000 inventory data and 650,000 contact activity records from the legacy system was also developed.

The actual programming work for the bidirectional connection to the website and the member portal took only 2 months, thanks to the No-Code technology of the BUIT Group.

Customer Report VDOE, Dr. Andrea Lambeck, Management:

"As a professional association of oecotrophologists, it is not only important for us to have a contemporary external image, but also well-functioning administrative processes. Our members are at the center of our work; for them, we offer a comprehensive service that must be uncomplicated and convenient to use. This required a relaunch of our website with a member-exclusive area and the member administration behind it.
We were looking for a service provider that could offer us both "from a single source". B&IT provided us with i-taros , a constantly evolving IT solution that is individually tailored to our member administration. The Content Management System (CMS) for the website with member portal was designed to match. After an intensive and very constructive development and implementation phase, everything is now running 'smoothly' so that we can successively save working time in administration and at the same time offer our more than 4,000 members a better service."

Logo des NWO Creating, providing and maintaining a complete solution for the membership and association management of NWO and IPO



The association represents the professional, technical and commercial interests of its members and preserves the interests of the private bus sector. It is also an association for employers with autonomy in collective bargaining. Affiliated is the cooperative Interessengemeinschaft privater Omnibusunternehmen e.G., which provides special services for the members of the NWO.
The association was using an outdated solution for administration that originated in 1990 and for which no documentation existed any longer. Therefore, the BUIT-Group was assigned to create a web-based solution for the association management.
Particularly worth noting in this implementation is the automation of the calculation of membership fees. These are based on a complex set of rules oriented to the number of buses by size, other vehicles, etc., so that it is now possible to automatically calculate the annual dues, which were previously determined manually, via corresponding invoice runs and to invoice the members.
In addition, a geodata query of all member locations was developed, which automatically determines the new location via web service whenever there is a change of address in the system and updates the map with the locations via the SQL connection to the association website.
Around 12,000 member (company) records were migrated from the legacy system. The implementation of the software solution, i.e. the pure creation in No-code technology , was realized within only 6 weeks.

Customer report NWO, RA Christian Gladasch, Management:

"We got to know B&IT through a tender. The team was very committed and provided us with excellent support in finding solutions and implementing them. We were particularly pleased with the smooth and fast implementation of our individual requirements. For our association, the digitization offensive has paid off."

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