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1. Digital Consulting

  • BUIT Group is the partner for your digitization projects.
    We offer consulting services to enable your individual
    solution with the i-taros Software for Nonprofits.
  • Together with you, we analyze the current state of digitization of your organization and identify potentials and challenges
  • We then work with you to develop concrete steps for implementing your individual solution based on our no-code platform.

2. System Integration and Implementation

  • With the patented i-taros No-code technology we can
    realize your individual requirements cost-effective and quickly by adapting our standard software. A prototype for initial assessment can often be created after a few days.
  • We check the requirements for the transfer of data, create a data migration strategy to the new system and implement it.
  • We then implement your custom solutions including software integration, migration of data, workflow setup and reporting, and more.
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3. System Onboarding and IT-Service Management

  • We do not stop at implementation. We are there for you with our support services and regular software updates.
  • BUIT Group hosts and operates all of its software solutions exclusively in German data centers in accordance with the strict EU-DSGVO guidelines.
  • In addition, we offer you individualized training measures as well as customer-friendly and personal administrator and user support.

4. Financing Services

  • We will find the right financing solution for you, whether fixed-price services, individual payment and financing models or IT project leasing (for larger project volumes).
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